8/31/2017 - Fifth annual Route 208 Sale Trail set for September

The fifth annual Route 208 Sale Trail will be held in Spotsylvania County on Sept. 8-9. Twenty-four miles of sales along Courthouse Road in Spotsylvania will feature multi-family and business yard sales, antiques and more. The sale begins at Four Mile Fork and winds through Spotsylvania Courthouse, Snell, Post Oak and Brokenburg to Lake Anna.

The Route 208 Sale Trail serves to promote tourism along the trail, provide opportunities for sales by individuals or businesses and fund raising for civic organizations and churches, and serves as an opportunity to enjoy a great weekend of sales. Residents and businesses along Route 208 are encouraged to participate in this special event.

The official yard sale is two days and sales begin at 8 a.m. This is a non-sponsored event, meaning that it is not promoted by any particular organization but represents the efforts of volunteers and those who wish to promote the community. As such, the nature of the sale will vary along the route, and all sales are subject to local laws.

No one is to set up, sell or park on the state right-of-way at any time. Route 208 is an extremely busy highway and safety is a primary concern. All sellers should allow for parking, and everyone should avoid being on the state right-of-way.

Food vendors must contact landowners for permission to set up and will need to have necessary permits from the Health Department. All sales must be reported to the Commissioner of Revenue.

Visit 208SaleTrail.com for more information; or connect with the sale trail on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.